BOy o BOy  did I love this shoot!!! This lovely lady booked me some months ago as her favourite mare was expecting her first foal the same month that her first newborn was due… What a treat for any photographer!!!  Thank you for choosing me!!!


loving being a equestrian photographer and newborn photographer… this was a dream come true.  Cindy has a special relationship with the beautiful mare “FOOT” ( really it is her name) and Foot s trust in Cindy passed straight to her foal… and thus new foal “WIlly” and baby “Milly” new friendship begins!


This shoot book place at a beautiful yard, and Cindy’s family home…. check out there site… so pretty!!


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Vogue Excitement

This stylised shoot with a very talented music producer gave us some artistic free reign…whoop!!!  Three days later than we shot this image was published on Vogue Italia… The theme of this image developed as I got to know Pete a little, and as I retouched his image the I saw the full story unfold!  It is about all that lays in fount of this modest character!… Pete is seriously discrete about his accomplishments, his talent has led him to new horizons very quickly… and there is a lot calling this Talented Chap (echoed but natures sunlight and “mans” rail light)… so keep your eye pealed!!  ( more shoots planned with us so we are OVER the Moon and Back!! Needless to say we are incredibly proud to be selected by the calibre of Vogue… still pinching ourselves!




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Top Wedding Photo

We have been remiss in keeping our site updated!!!!  We have had some fabulous photo shoots which we will update here….. but for now… check out these two!!! Jamie and Lucy s image was chosen by The Wedding Community Blog… If you are getting married please have a look on there it is Full of wondrous delights!!


Lucy has an exceptional eye for detail, and her vintage styled wedding was a beautiful!!  More to come I promise… from a lake side service, vocal delights to “spreading the love”… this was a very special day!



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